We have never been closer to elimination. But this momentum will not persist on its own.

Since 2000, an unprecedented global commitment to fight malaria has saved an estimated 6.8 million lives and averted 663 million disease cases. Now, more than half of the world’s nations are malaria free.

As close as we are to success, the cost of failure remains high.

Decreasing investment, vector control, and treatment and education for remote populations will be critical barriers to progress in the next decade. Communities, governments, NGOs and businesses must all work together, both locally and globally, to clear the final hurdles.

Therefore, we are calling on businesses to make malaria their issue and bring to bear their expertise, networks, and social presence.


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We are the Business Alliance Against Malaria, the only platform that unites companies across industries and continents to fight malaria...

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Our coalition was created by the private sector for the private sector, allowing us to deliver a unique perspective. Join us by making a small investment in a wide global network...

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